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Back row: Gina (macro mascot!)

Middle: Emily, Holly, Melanie, Kevin, Maribeth

Front: Ziggy Starbutt and Jumpin' Jack Flash (micro rockstars!)

Rock’N Horse Minis is a California nonprofit organization created and operated by an enthusiastic group of volunteers who own and love horses in San Diego County. Our mission is to provide animal assisted activities and interventions throughout the community and to increase the visibility and viability of minis for people with psychiatric and/or mobility disorders. To this end we bring minis to schools, libraries, clinics and other care facilities for education and therapy purposes and we are piloting a program for task training miniature horses to meet ADA criteria for service. All by way of saying that there is nothing more gratifying than introducing a tiny equine ambassador to someone who has never known a horse! We are committed to facilitating these encounters whenever, wherever and however we can!

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